Through the Eyes of Rebel Women, the Young Lords : 1969-1976:

Through the Eyes of Rebel Women, the Young Lords : 1969-1976:


Iris Morales, Michael Abramson
Paperback | 280 pages
152 x 229 x 15mm | 376g
Publication date
29 Nov 2016
Red Sugarcane Press, Inc.
Illustrations note
Illustrations, black and white


THROUGH THE EYES OF REBEL WOMEN: The Young Lords, 1969-1976 is the first account of the women members. The Young Lords Organization emerged in the late sixties to fight poverty, racial and gender inequality, and the colonial status of Puerto Rico. Women joined to fight for social justice and fought the "revolution within the revolution" believing that women's equality was inseparable from the society's progress as a whole. Written and edited by Iris Morales, THROUGH THE EYES OF REBEL WOMEN consists of essays, interviews, photographs, and primary source documents. Morales chronicles the revolutionary rise of the Young Lords Party, the role and contributions of women, the opening of branches in Puerto Rico, and the group's demise .Personal interviews with former women members captured for the film ¡Palante, Siempre Palante! The Young Lords have been edited for the book. Photographs and articles from the 1970s complete the narrative. The entire volume affirms that social movements do not develop in a vacuum but arise to spearhead solutions to the injustices occurring in society.

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