Arabic Folktales : Folklore and Legends

Arabic Folktales : Folklore and Legends


Elena N Grand
Paperback | 266 pages
127 x 203 x 14mm | 268g
Publication date
05 Oct 2017
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform


Arabic Folktales: Folklore and Legends they are like smoke, wrap around and absorb you entirely. You dissolve in this atmosphere, you want only this atmosphere to surround you. You can not break apart and break apart, despite the fact that it is just a collection of Arabic fstories. Want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Arabic culture, magic, incredible adventures, deadly danger and marvelous wealth? Arabic Folktales will give you all this. In each of them you will find a lesson and morality, get acquainted with the legendary heroes. Arabic Folktales: Folklore and Legends contains 13 folktales from the Orient: The Cobbler Astrologer The Legend of the Terrestrial Paradise of Sheddád, the Son of 'A'd The Tomb of Noosheerwân Ameen and the Ghool The Relations of Ssidi Kur -The Adventures of the Rich Youth -The Adventures of the Beggar's Son -The Adventures of Massang -The Magician with the Swine's Head -The History of Sunshine and his Brother -The Wonderful Man who overcame the Chan -The Bird-man -The Painter and the Wood-carver -The Stealing of the Heart -The Man and his Wife -Of the Maiden Ssuwarandari The Two Cats Legend of Dhurrumnath The Traveller's Adventure The Seven Stages of Roostem The Man who never Laughed The Fox and the Wolf The Shepherd and the Jogie The Perfidious Vizier Arabic Folktales- sample of genuinely folk works, very different from "1001 nights". For a wide range of adult readers. Go on an extraordinary adventure with the Arabic Literature!

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